Friday, November 23, 2012


We had a very long flight compounding the problem was that our flight from China to Kathmandu was cancelled in flight . So we returned to China for the night and flew on the next day .
The first morning we arranged a flight over Mount Everest and then we just walked a round and enjoyed the sites
Photos to come

Sorry but im unable to up load Pictures at the moment


  1. What a flight! Ruth rung this morning and told me. Great you got to see Everest. Weather looks good there. Sunny day here too,22.Everything honky Dorey here.Miss ya have fun.

  2. Hi fellas, can,t wait to hear more about your travels, all good here, Ruth came over to Ro on Saturday to Greers birthday, family day at the beach dogs loved it sunny day, Sue here for tea tonight, Charlie's taking us for a walk soon. Love to you all. Lee and Sue