Friday, November 23, 2012


We had a very long flight compounding the problem was that our flight from China to Kathmandu was cancelled in flight . So we returned to China for the night and flew on the next day .
The first morning we arranged a flight over Mount Everest and then we just walked a round and enjoyed the sites
Photos to come

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A New Adventure , Nepal

Above a picture from our beach Bay of Plenty NZ

Well its time for another Adventure , Nepal is calling

On the 20th of November 2012 I'm off to Nepal , for a 3 week ride .

Its a tour with Blazing Trails , going are Terry Hartshorn (UK) ( I travelled with him through South America ) , John Allen (NZ) Stuart Dickinson(NZ) Owen Cotton (NZ) and of course me Roger Arnold (NZ) all great friends of mine from New Zealand .
We will be riding Royal Enfeilds , supplied by Blazing Trails , so I will keep you informed as to how we go .

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rio de Janeiro to the Iguacu Falls to Buenos Aires16 3 12

After waiting for Ronnie for a couple of days in Sao Sebastiao it was time to make the move for Rio De Janeiro . The ride up there was quite beautiful with just so many beaches of beautiful white sand . To visit them all would take months . But Rio was our gaol and we made Rio by early afternoon , only to spend the next 2.5hrs looking for a hotel that was cheap enough . 

We found one in Copacabana , it had no parking for the bikes , so we parked them on the footpath . This did not go down well with the locals and they kept tell Ronnie that he will get a ticket (I moved mine to the side of the road ) , but Ronnie just said good no problem . Until the police threaten to take it away , Ronnie moved it pretty quick then . 

Then next day we organised to have a Tour of the city , which took all day .

Above Ronnie and I looking tough , as we were both told by many people , that to go to Rio was certain death . We would be murdered for sure , no problem , I even had a group of guys tell me , way back that to ride alone to Rio was at the least being robbed and the bike stolen . I certainly saw no body or anyone that even looked like a murderer , but remember us kiwis are exempt , as a US guy once told me , with a certain tone of ridicule 

After a look around the city, it was up to the most famous Statue of them all , 
Christ the Redeemer 

And quite a site it was , amazing 

Then on to the Sugar Loaf Mountain , a bit of a shame as the cloud wouldn't  clear , so the views were not that good to say the least . It was so humid that the wind hitting the hill caused it to cool and turn into clouds . 

The next day we took a wonder along the Beaches of Ipanema (above and below)and Copacabana 
We both went for a swim at Ipanema , and I must say I was humming the song . I caused quite a distraction , being so white , (the locals haven't seen anything like me before) 

Below Copacabana

Later on we walked back on down Copacabana Beach looking for a coffee , when a guy on a bike came at Ronnie and as he passed he swiped the gold necklace from around his neck , and was off . Poor Ronnie never stood a chance , they have got this worked out , so well the buggers . Before you even have a chance to look around , they are gone . 
So Ronnie was not very happy and it took about 3 beers before he even started to smile .

Then it was time to move on , the next big stop Iguacu Falls .
It was 1750kms which took us 2.5 days , the first stop was Limeira . Just a very large city in the middle of nowhere , I guess a farming economy city , but big 
Then it was a stop in Campo Mourao , which left us a 350km ride , the day after to get to Foz Do Iguacu .
We found a really nice Backpackers just out of town heading to the falls , we spent  3 nights there from which we could go visit the falls 

Below some of the scenery on the way to Foz Do Iguacu  

Above getting late into Limeira

Just farm land for as far as the eye can see 

And all nice red dirt , must be a mess when it rains , with all the red dirt turning into mud 

Again big horizons 

The first morning in Iguacu ,we went to visit the Itaipu Dam 
It is one of the biggest in the world ,  is half in Brazil and half in Paraguay . They share the power it makes 50/50 
The Dam is 8 kms long and the lake behind goes for 175 kms , bloody huge 

Then on to the Iguacu Falls 
First we visited the Brazilian side first , then the next day to the Argentinean side

The below are the Pics of the Brazilian side first  

The photos will say it all 

Breathtakingly Beautiful , they just go forever 

What fine looking lot 

These little critters below , were so naughty . They get into peoples bags if they are not looking ,  steel food from  tables , quite funny to watch . There were heaps of them ,  they would arrive on mass 

On our way back to the Hostel after the Brazilian visit
Ronnie taking his own Picture 

Dusk at the hostel 

We were up early and  off the the Falls on the Argentinean side , we had to clear customs but it was not that much of a bother .

Again the photos will say all 

We also took a ride up river in a boat and under one of the falls , so we got bloody wet . It was so hot that it as quite refreshing and we dry ed real quick . Next to Ronnie a hard case Chinese Girl 

Back shot of da Tiger 

After two days of a lot of walking ,my knee was giving me hell , but it was time to move on to Paraguay
The day started out not good , with me having a flat tyre . So off we go to town to get it fixed , it took 1.5 hrs at a Moto Shop to fix ,  it's bloody hot today as well . We get it fixed and head to the border , this is a very busy border and I say to Ronnie , you go first and I will watch the bikes . Ronnie arrives back 1.5 hrs later , and all he had to do was hand in the Adiana form , he is swearing and going on about lazy buggers and the like . 
So off I go and yes they are a bloody lazy lot , It took me 1 hr , just to hand in a form . I have not seen so many people doing nothing in one place . 
I arrive back and say lets go , but bugger me I have left the key on ,  now I have a flat battery (what next ) . Ronnie has jumper leads , so it is not long and we are off to  Paraguay  (and its about 35degs and very humid ) . 
Ronnie goes first to get his papers done and is out quick , then it is my turn . In I go and the Immigration guys says ,  no you cant come in , I say way , he say you need a Visa (I checked last year and it was all good ) . 
So after much swearing at them , I'm out back at the bike saying to Ronnie , that's it for me I'm back to Brazil . With Ronnie off on into Paraguay . Ronnie wanted to come back,  but I said no , he had to carry on with his trip . 
It was sad leaving Ronnie , we had a lot of fun , in the few short weeks we had together . We laughed a lot and had a lot of fun . But Ronnie is heading North , and I'm heading South back down to Buenos Aires and home . 
Ronnie still has to get to Alaska , and then back to New York to get married . 

Above Paraguay border 
Below the final goodbye to Ronnie , I will miss you mate 

So it was now just me 
I went back to the backpackers for the night and planned the trip back to BA 
It was 1500 kms , so no problem for the Tiger  to do in 2 days 
I stopped at a border town called Paso de los Libres on the way , it was a hell ride with very high winds for most of the way . On the way I must have not clipped up my camera bag and my Video / Camera must have fallen out (bugger ) , so thats the end of the photos for the trip .
But the ride being , just the same as for the last 8,000 kms . Its just farms and more farms and more farming . There is only so much farm you can take , so I arrived in BA on the second day mid afternoon .
It was sad the last day , as It was the last big day on the Tiger ,  the last day of wearing my boots .

So now I have had the Tiger caged ,  and on its way back to New Zealand (which took 1 day ) and I will be going home on the 19th .

So the Grand Adventure is over 

53,000 kms of FUN , 

I would not have missed it for the world , it certainly was a Grand Adventure 

The people I have  met on the way make it all worth while , even with breaking my knee , by doing so I meet Julio and Luisa , it was worth the break just to have met them , fantastic people 

Then there was the 2 Aussie guys Phil and Wade , great guys 

The 3 Brits 
Bob , Dave , Terry
We had a Grand time , (such great guys) all the way through South America 
Thanks guys

Also Ronnie , 
we laughed a lot , great guy 

And last but not least 
the love of my life , who supported me all the way  
For we had the best time of all ,  my only regret is that Ruth could not finish the trip with me .

There are so many other people , and I thank you all 

Hein and Chine , all the guys from the bike shops who help so much, Sue and John for all there support  , and so many others 

That's it now , it's all over and thank you all for reading and coming along with me,  it was a real


If anybody is interested I have made a 6 part Video of the first part of the trip .  Alaska to Guatemala ,  if you would like to have a copy , just email me ( I will send you a copy . 
The next part from Guatemala to BA will take me the next 12 months to put together